Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Kimi Raikkonen (the Iceman) has been crowned Formula One Champion...thanks to teamwork at Ferrari. Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton started in front. Kimi and Fernando Alonso started on 2nd grid. Immediately after flagging off, Massa blocked Hamilton to let Kimi take 1st position. Alonso, on 4th, immediately overtook Hamilton resulting in Hamilton almost 'buang'. Mclaren has already lost the 'Constructors' title, and no thanks to the internal battle between Alonso and Hamilton, they lost the F1 Champion title as well. Well, what can I say? Fate? Anyone who watched the race will be thinking that Alonso is one selfish and arrogant bastard. They could be taking 1st and 2nd position, but it's all down the drain. Alonso....look elsewhere next season! Hamilton...good job for a rookie. Kimi, well done!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

10 days and counting....

As you can see on top of this blog, my bachelor days are numbered. I'll soon be a family man. It's been a tiring 3 months, of preparations and arrangements. This weekend will be our 1st dinner, by the bride's family. Next weekend will be another dinner, by the groom's family. I wouldn't deny that I'm very anxious and at the same time, excited. It'll be a very big chapter in my life. I hope this happy memories will stay on forever. To all my brothers/hengtais....can't wait to see you guys on that big day. Remember to dress smartly...'cos you might not know who you are gonna meet on that day. She could be your Mrs Perfect, huh? Hehe....

Alright....just a few photos to share with you; taken during our Photoshoot. I like the outdoor photos more, 'cos it's more lively.

Do check out mywedding page for more photos on the Actual Day.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Because I'm A Girl

여자 이니까 (Yeo Ja ii Ni Gga)
A song by a Korean-pop trio 'KISS', about 5 years ago. I got it first from a friend in Singapore, and love it ever since. I have been listening to this song for 5 years, and i still do listen to it. Well, on a scale of 1-10, i'll give this song a perfect 10. I love the music, I love the video, I love the lyrics and I love everything about it. Seriously, it's very touching and meaningful.

Check out the lyrics in Korean:

Dodeche ar suga obso namjadurui maum
Wonhar ten onjego da juni ije tonande
Ironjog choumirago nonun thugbyorhadanun
Gu marur midosso negen hengbogiosso

Marur haji guresso nega shirhojyoda go
Nunchiga obnun nan nur bochegiman hesso
Norur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriurgoya
Sarangi jonbuin nanun yojainika

Modungor swibge da jumyon gumbang shirhjungnenunge
Namjara durosso thollin mar gathjin anha
Dashinun sogji anhuri maum mogo bojiman
Todashi sarange munojinunge yoja ya

Onur urin heojyosso budi hengbogharago
Noboda johun sarammannagir barandago
Nodo darun namjarang togathe nar saranghanda go marhanten onjego
Sorjighi na nega jar doenungo shirho
Naboda yepun yoja manna hengboghage jar sarmyon otohge
Guroda nar jongmar ijoborimyon otohge
Nan irohge himdunde himduro juggenunde
Ajigdo nor nomu saranghanunde

Sarangur wihesoramyon modun da har su inun
Yojaui chaghan bonnungur iyong hajinun marajwo
Hanyojaro theona sarangbadgo sanunge
Irohge himdurgo oryourjur mollasso

Do you already love this song?
Then you should know the meaning of what you just heard.

I just cant understand the hearts of men
they tell you they want you and then they leave you
this is the first time, you're special
I believed those words and I was so happy

You should have told me you didn't like me any more
but I couldn't see that and you just rushed me
although I will curse you I'll still miss you
Because I am a girl, to whom love is everything

I heard that if you give up things too easily
to a man, he will get bored with you
I don't think this is wrong
a girl says that she will never be fooled again
but she will fall in love again
you should have told me you didn't like me any more
but I couldn't see that and you just rushed me
although I will curse you I'll still miss you
Because I am a girl, to whom love is everything

Hey babe
the pain
It's not enough to describe how i feel
we were so happy together
but I know now
I've been blind
you told me that you'd never let me down
whenever I needed you you'd always be here
I can forgive but I cant forget
even though you hurt me

I still love you
I still love you
Don't take advantage of a girl's willingness to do anything for love
and her caring instinct
U didn't know that to be born as a girl and to be loved was so hard
Although i will curse you i'll still miss you
Because I am a girl, to whom love is everything
although i will curse you i'll still miss you
Because I am a girl, to whom love is everything

[the guy said]
there is a girl whom I love. Now I can`t stay with her, but I still love her.

Such a lovely song....but sad ending huh?

"Girls...most of the time, the things we guys do, we don't do it for no reason. You may not know the truth, but deep down inside, we love you... We can't bear to see the pain you may have to go thru, that's why sometimes, we do things that we can't explain....With trust, we will walk our path together-gether, and grow old together-gether"

Friday, October 05, 2007

Please Forgive Me

I've been busy lately...real busy. Been driving to and fro Teluk Intan, to and fro Melaka, around KL, etc.... Basically for work and for personal. Well, to be exact, I've been going around KL and Melaka distributing RED BOOM. YES, it's my BIG DAY. And YES, it's gonna be in Melaka on 27th Oct. To those who have not and may not get the hardcopy, here is how it looks like.

All comments are welcomed.

To all the single ladies out there.....SORRY....PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


A 'FART' can determine what kind of person you are:

1. DISHONEST - Farts but blames others
2. GOBLOG - A person who controls his fart for hours.
3. SMART - A person who knows when and where to fart.
4. LOSER - A person who feels like farting but nothing comes out.
5. MYSTERIOUS - A person who farts but no one knows about it.
6. LOSER #2 - A person who tries to control his fart, but farted anyway.
7. MATERIALISTIC - A person who smells his own fart, it matters to him/her if his fart smells good or bad
8. SADIST - A person who aims his fart to others.
9. SHY - A person who farts without noise but feels embarrassed.
10. STRATEGIST - A person who farts loudly but laughs even louder to cover up.
11. STUPID - A person who inhales his own fart to balance up the air content in his body.
12. ACTOR - A person who farts but pretends nothing happened