Thursday, September 27, 2007


I received a shocking sms just now.... One of my best fren's grandmother has passed away yesterday. My deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to John Chang and family for the demise of his beloved grandmother.

I remembered....she was a nice and kind lady. Everytime we went to his house, she would call our names and asked us how we are doing. We would greet her and say we were fine. After we went to KL to continue our studies, we seldom go to John's house. Surprisingly when we visited John during the festive seasons, his grandma would still remember our names. We seldom see her lately, as most of us are in KL and rarely go home.

I think this is part and parcel of life. Everything that comes must go. John, don't be too sad....be strong 'cos I believe your grandma wouldn't want you to be sad. Take care.... Best regards from all of us.

Sorry Sorry Man United

Man Utd is out of the Carling Cup, losing 0-2 to Coventry @ OLD TRAFFORD. Poor Man Utd..... Winning games in the premier league with small margin doesn't really reflect their true form. What has happened, Fergie?..."Big Girls Don't Cry....so do big boys......" Buck up la......pls......

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

EPL Game 7 Result

Hey, give me a break....at least I predict better than Shebby.
Arsenal won 5-0; Liverpool dissapointed not to win at home, with Rafa complaining Gerard's bad performance is b'cos of the 2 England games despite a broken toe; Mee Rebus managed a draw against Keano's team. Reading were lucky to have won, so is Man City. Newcastle performed above average on that night, with midfielders scoring most of the goals; Villa looked convincing in recent form; Blackburn powered home 3 points. Bolton enjoyed a draw with underperforming Spurs and Man Utd crushed Chel-si.....ai si liao la......
Team of the week...Arsenal....

Friday, September 21, 2007

EPL Game 7

I hope this time, my predictions are correct. This season has been quite different from the previous. Mourinho has left Chelsea, at the right time. Chelsea has to show their true colours without him, and I believe they will be left to feel the blues; while the Devils will paint the town red. High flying Arsenal agains Derby...should be very interesting, many many goals to expect here....what more can I say?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Phew....I got this from Perez.

I always believe what goes around comes around....but I can't stop laughing. I know it's bad but I just can't control myself u know?
I'd better control my food intake from now on....hehe.....

The question now is....is she gonna bounce back? Or is she gonna hit rock bottom?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

EPG Game 6 Result

I got it all wrong this time. This reasons out why I did so badly in YFF this week. What happened to Newcastle, Chelsea and Liverpool? Are they meeting the pundits' expectation?

I will bounce back. McKapcai will bounce back....

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Oh My God....

Shitney....err... I mean Britney started at the VMA this year, and her performace was good....eerrr.... I mean, as good as over. It was like some graduation party kinda performance. If you missed it, check it out.

Soon after the VMA, she went pussying...errr....I mean...partying without her p**ties again. Looks like America is getting hotter by the day.

EPL Game 6

A job well done by England. Trashing Israel and Russia with the same scoreline 3-0. Michael Owen scored his 39th and 40th goal for England against Russia. Good job, good job....

Now it's back to the Premier League. 10 games for the weekend. Liverpool flying high on top of the table, full 3 points to be expected from them. An unconvincing first few games by Man Utd makes me wonder if they are gonna create another slight margin win over Everton. A draw, I'd say. Another interesting game, Spurs vs Arsenal. Berbatov has been dangerous in front of goal, but aren't creating too many goals while Arsenal's young forwards are in top form. My guess, 1-0 to Arsene(al) who just signed a new contract to prolong his stay at the Emirates.

Have a good weekend dudes....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


A few weeks back, as I was driving back from Teluk Intan, the weather suddenly changed. It was a sunny afternoon, but immediately changed to cloudy with thunderstorm.

It was a stretch of 45 km from Teluk Intan to Bidor. Halfway thru, the sky was dark blueish, and rain started to pour. It stopped after just 2 minutes, and continued; stopped again, and continued again and again. This makes me wonder, what kind of weather are we having here in Malaysia?

Soon after, I arrived at Bidor. It didn't rain here. It was 7.30pm. The sky was still bright. 'Funny', I wondered. I had my dinner and drove all the way back, without a drop of rain.

Is the world coming to an end soon? Keep your fingers crossed man.....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Will You Marry Me?

I read Mike's blog, and he has a post on marriage proposals. I guess it's an interesting topic for both guys and girls to talk about, so I thought, why not share mine...

I wanted to make it simple, but worth for the two of us to remember and to cherish, and most importantly just between the two of us. I did not want to involve other people, because I believe marriage is different from wedding. Marriage is between 2 souls, living as one...whereby wedding, is a ceremony to be shared and enjoyed by all.

We have been talking about marriage for quite some time, we even did our preparations, chose our dates (wedding dinner, as well as ROM), bought our stuff, inform our frens and relatives, took our photos, etc. The one thing I have not done, is to PROPOSE! She has been anxiously waiting for this day. I played along, pretending not to bother and ignored her counting how many days to our ROM. Weeks passed by, and finally one day before our ROM, I threw her a surprise.

I bought her a cake with the words "Will you marry me?". I bought a mini Doraemon because she says my tummy is round and I'm cute, just like Doraemon. Am I? I also had a red rose, symbolising 'u r my one and only'. I had my witnesses, her favourite teddy bear (for hugging when I'm not around), kermit the frog and a red doggie (Patrick).

I placed the cake on our bed, with the witnesses all around, and our house cordless phone beside the cake. So, as she came into the house, I put on my coat and hid in the other room. I knew she will walk straight into our room. She just walked straight into my plan. The next thing she knew, the phone rang. I uttered "Miss Lam ..... Will you marry me?". And immediately I appeared in front of her, kneeling down with a red rose on my hands. I could see that she's trying to keep her cool, and pretending not to be surprised. "Hmm...I have many conditions, you know...? " she replied. Haha, I knew it...Well, after agreeing to her conditions, she finally agreed. Wanna know what are her conditions?

Well, for me, it's just a formality. I guess it's something a guy has got to do, once in a lifetime. As for her, I believe her life wouldn't be complete if I did not propose to her, and she'll hate me for God knows how long.... I'm glad we did it. Altho it's not as grand as what we see in Korean/Japanese dramas, but we are glad that we have chosen our destiny and are together now, and we do have our own story to tell to our grandkids when we are older.....

Guys, look forward to our WEDDING soon!

Friday, September 07, 2007


I'm just wondering....would you rather be smart but lazy? Or hardworking but stupid? Which is worse?

Hardworking and smart people usually make it to the top, they are usually successful but people who are too smart tend to do funny funny things behind your back. Some lead to betrayal.

There are also people who are not too smart, but at the same time, lazy. These kind of homosapiens just live by the phrase 'live to eat' and not 'eat to live'. It is sad that we are sorrounded by these people everyday. Well, I believe God is always fair. There will be all sorts of human being, but no one is Perfect!

A busy day for me....just gonna keep it short here... Ciaoz.....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes 2

People say "curiosity kills the cat". Being an animal lover, I don't wanna do that. That's why I tried the celebrity look-alikes with another photo. This time, the result is totally different. It makes me laugh. It is funny 'tho. It's an honour to be similar looking to Chow Yun-Fatt and Stephen Chow. But I am not. Serious! Take a look yourselves....


Christina (Maxim - March issue) VS Paris (German GQ - Sept issue)

Which one would you rather be? The White Pillow or the Brown Teddy Bear?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

Got this link from a friend, checked it out and this is what I found out.

Haha...I couldn't believe my own eyes. Oh boy...I actually look like Gareth Gates and a bit like Jim Carrey and Josh Duhamel. But Lionel Richie?? NO WAY MAN!! I'm much better looking than this guy! By the way, who is this Ernest Shackleton? To be frank, some years ago, someone actually said I look like Alan Tam. My father-in-law also said I look like Alan Tam when he looked at my recently taken wedding pics. You be the judge, okay....

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Berhati-hati....*'di mana jua anda berada'

There is this guy, very creative in Rap and R&B, 'Malaysian Eminem' in the making, I'd say. He created a blardy hoohah with his very own version of our national anthem 'Negaraku'. It was posted on youtube for a while until it was removed and banned. He did apologise. But there's no point in crying over spilt milk. I guess he'll face some punishment when he comes back from Taiwan.
There was another case, whereby a model dressed in only our Jalur Gemilang appeared in a magazine. She did apologise, and FORGIVEN! Phew... WA LAU EH...WA BO UEY KONG...

On 31st Aug, I went shopping in one of the shopping malls in KL. Guess what I saw? Another guy dressed in our Jalur Gemilang. Well, what are we gonna do about it? NOTHING. This guy loves our country so much and decided to show it. Actions do speak louder than words, eh? Should we punish him? Should we? This is not my point here. My point is...just be careful, no matter where you are...no matter what you do... 'cos you won't know who's watching you.

I've gone thru my teenage years and I know how it feels like growing up. We want freedom (some abuse it), we want to be famous (some chose the wrong way), we want to do something that no one has ever done before (some go to the extreme) and we want to voice out our opinions (some chose the wrong channel).

Anyway, life is short. If you wanna be famous, try to excel the way Nicold David has done. Don't do like what this f**king cracy Korean Cho guy did. Killing 22 people in the uni campus.

By the way, this Malaysian Rapper finally has got his own household name on some products.
Watch out...'cos our leaders know what we did last summer / merdeka / whatever.....

*quote from Ras Adibah Radzi

Monday, September 03, 2007

EPL Game 5

Like what I always said...Man City, mana boleh tahan lama? A win for Everton, Liverpool, Boro, Man Utd, Gunners and Blackburn like I've predicted. Anyway, SiHam (Hammers) really surprise me. But the match of the day goes to Aston Villa vs Chelsea. Who would guess that Chelsea will loose? Hmmm...Looks like they aren't that good after all. Hat's off to Liverpool, who hammered Derby 6-0. Buck up Derby, or else you'll return back to Div 1. Roy boy and Steve Bruce, coaching and playing football is totally different. It ain't as easy as it looks like.

Premier League will take a 2 weeks break for internation games. England will be without Lampard and Gerard. Can England cope? We shall see.....