Friday, May 23, 2008

Man Utd Double

This year belongs to Man Utd. They got back the EPL title from Chelsea, and at the same time won the UEFA Champions League, also by defeating Chelsea in the final.

Cristiano Ronaldo opened the goal scoring with a beautifully placed header at 42nd minute. He rose high above the rest as you can see, with everyone else looking. A good goal.

3 minutes later, lucky Lampart got an equaliser through 2 deflections by Man Utd defence. In the whole game, unlucky Chelsea got 2 efforts hit the post. Man Utd too got several chances saved by Petr Cech.

Didier Drogba showed that he's inferior by slapping Nemanja Vidic, only to be sent off in the dying minutes of extra time. This could well be his last game for the Blues, after speculation of him linked to Inter Milan, AC Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

After a tensed 120 minutes, it was a gamble as both teams were held to 1-1. Both teams selected 5 penalty takers. It was 5-5 and left for John Terry to take the final penalty, which could be the winning kick. JT slipped, and the ball hit the post, yet again. Everone thought it wasn't Chelsea's day. Another penalty kick were to be taken. Giggs stepped up and scored. The final kick was taken by Nicholas Anelka....but his effort was saved by Edwin Van der Saar. It was all but over for Chelsea. The millions spend by Roman Abramovich couldn't bring them any trophy this season. Was it fated? Was it luck? Or was it that the team wasn't good enought? Whose fault was it? John Terry's, for missing the spot kick? Or Drogba's, for slapping Vidic, being sent off and could not take the spot kick, which caused JT to take the final kick? There's no point in pointing fingers now. Guess Roman gotta spend another tens of millions next season to bring in a few more stars.

Man Utd proved to be the best team this season, with C Ronaldo scoring 42 goals this season. The question is, can he do the same next season? Let's wait and see....meanwhile, congratulations to MU for a superb season...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


FIREFLY brings the fun back into flying....
Such is their motto.

I bet I had fun!

I was back in KL for a meeting, and a short weekend. I was supposed to fly back to Langkawi on Monday, aboard Firefly Flight FY3224 scheduled at 12:10 hours. I was getting ready to leave my house when I got an sms at 9:19.

I was prewarned by some of my friends who heard of rumours that Firefly always reschedule or cancel their flights. Being an adventurous person, I always wanted to experience something for the first time. It was also for the fact that Firefly operates from Subang Airport, which is just a short distance from my house compared to KLIA. Hence, I booked a flight with Firefly.

Upon receiving the sms, I immediately called the number provided. Yes, it's confirmed that my flight has been postponed. I guess it's due to the low capacity of passengers that caused the postponement. I arrived at Subang Airport at 13:20 hours. I was shocked by the condition of the airport. It is dark and old. There weren't many people. There's only one check in counter, that is for Firefly. 2 food vendors operate upstairs, fast food and Malay food.

At 15:00 sharp, they announced the boarding of flight FY3200. I was surprised to see how small the twin turbo Fokker is. The height is merely 3m and the length less than half of an Airbus 320. As I entered the plane, it reminds me of my schooling days. I used to take a bus to school. There are 4 seats on a row, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. The aisle is narrow. If I'm not mistaken, the plane capacity is about 40-50 pax. We were seated while waiting for take off. It was hot as the air condition wasn't working well at the beginning, but soon it was ok. The taking off was scary, it was as if the plane couldn't gain enough momentum to take off. But, the landing is even more scary. We were flying at 400-500km/h. Not really sure of the height, but I could see the oil palm plantation below me, for the whole journey. When we were about to land, I saw the plane passed the runway fence but still at a high altitude. It was going very fast, and dipping very fast too....Oh My God....I was thinking "God, please save me". We passed quite a distance before the wheels touched the ground. The plane swayed a bit to the left and a bit to the right. "Is the runway long enough?" Luckily it is. We landed safely. If you ask me, it wasn't a good landing. It made my balls shrank....really. The passenger next to me, unfortunately flying for the first time, almost puked! Her face looked pale and horrible! Phew....I'm glad it was all over very quickly.

It's such a bad first time experience. Actually, I did make a few bookings with Firefly before this. Now I'll have second thoughts about all this. My life is too precious to be left on the hands of the pilot and the plane.

I hope Firefly will find another approach in their business plan. Otherwise, they will be wiped out in a year. I don't think any passenger on their flights will ever go on a second flight. I'd rather take the trouble to go to KLIA, for a safer and more comfortable flight. After all, we only live once....

Monday, May 12, 2008

Glory Glory Man United

It's yet another trophyless season for Liverpool, due to their inconsistency and the rotation system introduced by manager Rafa Benitez.

Manchester United managed to win away at the JJB, thanks to Steve Bruce, a former Red Devil. It looks like Wigan didn't do their best on the night they hand the title to Man Utd. But overall, I do agree that MU is the best team for this season. Their players are fast, strikers accurate, midfielders intelligent and defenders dependable. It's been a good season for them, with another finale on the 21st May, the Champions League.

I'm actually glad MU won the premiership, rather than Chelsea. Chelsea doesn't play good football. On most occasions, they are lucky enough to get a goal in the final minutes and scrape through with a 1-0 margin. That's not the quality of a champion.

Nevertheless, MU are top, Chelsea 2nd, Arsenal 3rd, Liverpool 4th....all booked a place in the Champions League next season. Let's see some of the pics of last night's heroic efforts and celebrations...

Glory Glory Man United

A perfect 10 for Fergie

Captain Giggsy with a tremendous carrier in football

Bolton drew level in the dying minutes at Stamford Bridge

John Terry finally got injured...after injuring so many oppositions....

Former Liverpool midfielder, Danny Murphy headed a winner which ensures them a premiership spot next season

Gareth Barry, a Liverpool target next season. Is he worth £10million ?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day

I drove home yesterday evening with my wife and my youngest brother. The traffic was ok, but there was a little jam at Seremban, as usual.

I used to do this ever since I started working in KL, about 8 years ago. Every now and then, I'd take the effort to go home, especially on long weekends. Everytime I got home, my mom would be the first to greet me. After all, she's a housewife and she's the one taking care of the house. I'd then make arrangements with my friends on where to go after dinner. I was never at home at night.

It took me a few years until I realise what I had been doing is not right. I knew my 'home' has become just a 'hotel' for me to put up for the night. Slowly, I started spending more time at home on Saturday nights to chit-chat my parents, waking up early on Sundays to have breakfast with them, and then do some shopping in the afternoon, before departing back to KL.

As I was driving back yesterday, I thought of my late mother. How I wish when I reach home, she would greet me with a smile, and there would be her home cook food waiting at the table. No! She's not here anymore. There won't be any food at the table. Things has changed....

Despite all that has happened, I still tell myself to go back whenever I have time, or if there isn't any time, make some time! After all, my dad is still in Melaka. Without my mom's presence, he's more lonely than ever. I'd take the extra effort to go home, every month, even for 2 days 1 night. It does make a big difference. I'm thinking, when I'm old, I too will wish that my kids will be able to come home as often as possible.

Well, as all of us know, today is Mother's Day. As soon as we got up, we headed to the Jelutong Columborium. We did some prayers, and then visited some relatives. Later, we did some shopping at Tesco. I knew my dad hasn't had any home cook food lately, so, I decided to cook some soup and homely dishes for him. It was a nice feeling to have dinner at home with my family, altho not all of my brothers were back.

We didn't have any chance to celebrate Mother's Day with mom this year, but here are some pictures that we took on holidays with her. I can still remember her ever ready smile when we say 'cheese...'. I really wish I had taken her to more places, especially China before she left us. But there's nothing more we could do now. All we can do now is to take better care of my dad...

October 2006 - Cameron Highlands

March 2007 - Chiangmai, Thailand

October 2007 - My Wedding (Kampar)

October 2007 - My Wedding (Melaka)

The photos taken during my wedding were the few last photos she took. She wasn't healthy before the wedding. However, she told us not to worry, as she promise us she'll make sure she managed to drink our wedding tea. She did. But we did not expect everything to come so sudden. She felt dizzy in the evening, and had a minor stroke after that. I should have sent her to the hospital immediately, but I did not!!!! It was when the whole wedding reception was over, only then I sent her to the hospital. By then, everything was too late. I should have taken the immediate action to admit her, but I did not!!!! I knew during my younger days, whenever I fell sick, my mom would immediately send me to the doctor, but this time, I did not take the initiative to do the necessary. Until now, I still regret for not doing so. My advice to all readers: early detection and action could save the life of a stroke patient.
Nevertheless, I will keep my promise to my mom to take care of my dad and my brothers. This is the least that I can do now.....
To anyone reading this...remember, we only have one mother and one father. Appreciate them before it's too late. Spend more time with them now, or else when they are gone, there's nothing you can do to bring them back.
I really want to say 'Thank you' to my mom for everything she has done for us....Selflessly, she did so much for us and never complained. She's the best mom in the whole wide world.
To all happy mothers, Happy Mothers' Day....
To all unhappy mothers, it's just another day....