Monday, December 22, 2008

Witnessing A Freaking Accident

I've just witnessed a freaking accident. It all happened in seconds....

I was at a T-junction waiting to turn left. As I was about to turn, I saw a guy on a bike speeding in front of me, from left to right. As his sight passed me, I saw his tortoise helmet flew off his head due to the strong wind and also his speed. He tried to grab hold of the helmet with his right hand, which he failed. That was when I have turned to the left. I wanted to laugh because, honestly, this is the first time I see a helmet fly. I looked at my rear mirror to see if everything was ok. The rider wasn't on the road! Then I looked onto the right side mirror, only to horribly find the motorbike lying on the ground. I immediately turned into my workplace (it's just next to the T junction) and asked for help. I sped off to the location where the guy has fallen off.

"Oh God....this is bad....very bad", I though to myself. The guy was unfortunate to hit the column of a billboard. His head bled terribly. He was struggling to move, but his hands and legs was so so stiff as if he sufferred cramps all over his body. At first, I thought he wouldn't survive this but I still gotta do what I'm supposed to do.

I called 999, said my location and got transfered to the emergency unit at Langkawi. I told them to send an ambulance to the accident scene. They took my name and phone number.

It seemed that this guy was tailing his family members who were on a car slightly in front of him. They were curious as they waited for him to come, but he did not. So, they made a 'U' turn and shockingly saw him lying on the ground, with his head full of blood. His dad was in his 50's, quite steady and asked what happened. I explained to him what I saw. His mom was holding him tight, trying to calm him down.

Not long after that, the ambulance arrived. I'd really compliment their speed. They are fast! Good job. They took out a strecture, and we helped to lift the boy onto it, and into the ambulance. Luckily, he's still breathing.

According to the family members, they just arrived today, and gotten the car and bike half an hour prior to the accident. It's so unfortunate that their holiday came to an end with this tragic accident.

My advice to everyone who rides or drives, do buckle up your helmets, seat belts, safety helmet or whatever safety equipments you are handling. Because without buckling up, it is as good as not wearing it. If that guy had buckled up his helmet and fell off his bike, he would have suffered only a knock and some minor scars, no bleeding!

There's one more thing that I must highlight here, that is 'BAN ALL TORTOISE HELMETS'. I seriously think that tortoise helmet is not safe on the road. People may argue that tortoise helmets are safe with proper buckle, but we all know that the tortoise helmet doesn't provide full protection to our heads. It only covers the top half of our heads. Chances that one survive an accident from a fully covered helmet is definitely higher than with a tortoise helmet. There has been some talks of banning the tortoise helmet, but so far, decisions has yet been made by the government. Let's just hope for some good news on this from the government.

Anyway, I pray that this guy is safe and he doesn't suffer any serious head damage.

p/s: I regretted for not taking any photos (I can't, I was calling 999) and the number plate of the bike....Aaarrrggghhh.....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Exploring Langkawi Island, Malaysia

I first stepped foot in Langkawi in Feb early this year. It was a family outing. Little that I know, I was asked to manage a project here the following month. Time really flies. It is my 9th month in this beautiful place, and it's a really nice place to be at. The only thing which I don't like here is to be away from my beloved wife.

My friend called me last month, informing that he is planning for a breakaway trip to Langkawi during X'mas. Too bad I'll be celebrating X'mas with my wife in KL, so I decided to make life easy for him during his stay here. I've actually emailed him a detailed itinery on the dos and don'ts in Langkawi. Hopefully the info helps.

I'm currently staying with my colleague in a rented condo very near to our construction site. It's a nice place, although we only spend 3 hours a day in the condo, apart from sleeping. In short, we spend most our time under the sun!
The project that we are engaged in is called PULAPOL. It's a police training camp, expected to complete in Dec 2008 but due to the economy crisis, I think it'll delay at least up to June 2009.

Academic Block

Sports Complex


My Work Station

Perdana Condo

Perdana Condo

After work, most us will hang out at Palm View Seafood Restaurant. Reason being the food is nice, the price is reasonable and the people are friendly. I'd recommend this place for all my friends who plan to visit Langkawi. It's located along Pantai Chenang.

In Langkawi, 3 things are cheap. Liquor, Cigarette and Cars. Langkawi is a duty free island. Everyone who comes to Langkawi doesn't drink water, they drink beer all day and night. Another thing that tourists buy is the chocolate. Although it's not very cheap here, you can many varieties at almost every corner of Langkawi.
I'll make this post short. In my next post, I shall post about the interesting things one can do in Langkawi. Time for dinner. In fact, I'm posting this at Palm View Rest.

£250k-a-week for Buffon?

Is he worth £250k-a-week? That's the question.

It is reported that Gianluigi Buffon will is willing to leave Juventus for Man City for a fee of £20million + £250k weekly. It's crazy. Are footballers worth this much? No doubt he is a top class goalkeeper but no one can guarantee success. If he's been so influential, Juventus would have been champions in the Champions League many many times. But NO! Hell NO!

Throughout his career, he won the UEFA Cup once with Parma in 1999. In 2001, he transfered to Juventus for a record fee for a goalie of 52 million Euros. He also won 2 Serie A titles and the most meaningful World Cup in 2006. His personal achievements include FIFA Best Goalkeeper of the year in 2004, 2005 and 2006, European Footballer of the Year in 2003, 2004 and 2006 and EUFA Champions League most valuable player in 2003.

At 30, he's definitely one of the best goalie in the world at the moment but I'd respect the Sheikhs if they give £250k a week to the hardcore poor and needy people in Africa.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Snatch Thief

Another poor innocent auntie became a victim of snatch thief. It happened in Bukit Mertajam in broad daylight. The 58 year old auntie was walking to her car after makan with family members when 2 guys in full faced helmet rode over and snatched her handbag. The momentum caused her to be flung over to the middle of the road where an incoming 3 tonne lorry crashed into her. She died on the spot. It happened in front of her family members.

What the Fxxx is happening to our country? How many snatch theft have happened in the past few year? How many innoccent rakyat has sufferred and died? And how many of these cases has been solved? Can we have the statistics? Is the Police Dept too shy to publish the lousy statistics? If ever a snatch thief is caught, why not publish their faces in newspapers to embarrass them as a lesson to other snatch thiefs not to do it again? How I wish Saddam Hussien is still alive, these mutha fxxkers shall be stoned to death.

As a reminder, in instance of an emergency, always remember the motorcycle plate number. I think, if someone ever caught a snatch thief, and I'm in the vicinity, I'll definitely give him a tough lesson before handing him over to the police. Because everyone knows what the police will do to this guy. It's sad that all of us feel that the police has lost it's credibility over the years....

My condolences to this auntie and her family members. May you rest in peace.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Cakes & Cookies

I've just added my cousin's blog to my blogroll.

She's actually working fulltime, but bakes cakes and cookies in her past times. She does lots of cakes for special occassions. In short, her cakes are custom made to suit her customers. Now that her mom (my aunt) is retired, she has plenty of time to make yummy cookies too.

Here are a few of her trademark cakes....









And my aunt's delicious cookies.....

There are also other designs, as you can find in her blog. If you want something different, I think she'll be able to do it too, as long as it doesn't defy gravity. You can contact me, or leave a comment if you wanna have a memorable cake for a special occassion or some cookies for festive seasons.