Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kops on Target

The Kops registered another 3 points, thanks to 2 goals from Fernando Torres. Chelsea stayed on top after beating Stoke 2-0. Man Utd also won with a 2-0 margin against Bolton. Newcastle seems to be in real deep trouble with another defeat, 1-2 against Blackburn. On form Villa triumphed against Sunderland 2-1. The Hammers gave Zola his 2nd win with 2-1 against Fulham.

Later, Arsenal will host Hull. It's gonna be an easy game at the Emirates, with most of Arsene's young players on fire.

Hari Raya is just around the corner.... any plans guys?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Toons are doomed....

Newcastle sufferred another blow as they were hammered by the Hammers 3-1. Now they are second from bottom. Liverpool again proved to be a disaster, drew with newly promoted Stoke. They had a goal disallowed, and many many shots at goal, but couldn't find the finishing touch. It's just like any other seasons before this, where they were the favourites but couldn't provide the winning goal. I think the betting syndicate is spoiling the game. Arsenal showed their credibility by winning 3-1 against Bolton, climbed to the top of the table.

Tonight Chelsea will host Man Utd at Stamford Bridge, I guess the Blues will triumph over Devils, 2-0.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank you Dato' Tony

Chris : Bro, lu sibeh hoh seh ha.... (Bro, u very steady ha....)
Me : Huh? Apa lu cakap ni?
Chris : Wah...u got Tony Fernandes to apologise man.....
Me : Mai siao siao la....u called wrong person si bo? (Dont' play play la, did u call the wrong person?)
Chris : Aiyo, u write blog, but didn't follow up one ar?
Me : Got....but lately no time ma....What happened?

Then my friend told me the whole thing about Tony (he has a title Dato' but prefers people calling him by the name 'Tony'...what a humble man!) commenting in my blog for my latest post about the bad experience I had with Air Asia.

But hey! As I've written on the top of my blog, "this blog is created entirely for my own pleasure...blah...blah...blah....", I never expect to be getting comments from high profile figures, what more from Dato' Tony. Phew! It is indeed a great pleasure. I would like to thank Dato' for getting in touch so quickly. Despite some hick-ups here and there, I really think you guys at Air Asia are doing a GREAT job. Besides him, I also got a follow up comment from the PIC of F&B Ms Shireen Chia. Thank you for your concern, but pls do not punish the flight attendant. A warning will do.

Accepting criticism (although not many can take it) and be able to digest it to be more efficient, I think this is the main reason why you guys are going to grow from strength to strength. Air Asia always welcome comments, criticism and ideas; I just found out from Dato' Tony's blog http://www.tonyfernandesblog.com/ that he has actually set up a personal email for suggestions and complaints @ tony@tonyfernandesblog.com. Thumbs up to you!

Well, to be frank, apart from this incident, my other flights with Air Asia have been pleasant! In fact now, knowing that people in Air Asia are a caring cool bunch of people, I have more faith to fly with them. I have been, am still and will always continue to support Air Asia.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bad Air Asia Experience

I travel with Air Asia to and from Langkawi very frequently. So far, I've had no complaints with their service, until my last flight.

I was on board AK 6303 on 12/9/08, 1145 hours from Langkawi to LCCT. Due to some work held-ups, I was late to check in. Air Asia require one to check in 45 mins before departure. I arrived at 11.20. The ground staff at first declined my check in, but after checking with his senior, allowed me to board the plane. Thank you!

I had my lunch in the plane. I ordered the Ramadhan promo, a combo set with combinations of nasi lemak Pak Nasser, mineral water, 3 red dates and a butter cake. I've had this nasi lemak a few times already, but never have I gotten a packet with oil all over the sides of the package. I did not ask for a change as I thought I'm a careful eater and won't have any problems, except for some oily fingers. Things turn bad due to turbulence, and I got my favourite shirt stained with the yellow oil. Not only that, the half full 100ml mineral water poured onto my pants, which made me look pretty bad. Then as I was about to unwrap the butter cake, I saw a sticker written as "GUNA SEBELUM 12/09/08". I was surprised. I called the flight attendant and told her about the expiry date. She looked at the sticker, then stared back at me and threw the cake into a rubbish bag. Not only she did not replace the cake but she does not even have the courtesy to apoligize for the error. Serving expired food is a very very huge mistake in the food industry.

I was shocked with the attitude of the flight attendant. She could be on her period, lost her puppy dog or dumped by her bf. It's not the matter of me being cheated of a butter cake (although I have not taken my breakfast, and was so so hungry). What matters is the way she handled the whole situation. I hope the F&B dept of Air Asia make thorough checks on their food daily. And someone please do some checks on their flight attendants. I think the standard and attitude of flight attendants are getting worse by the day.

Sorry sorry Man Utd

I think I posted this faster than ESPN Soccernet or Livescore.com. Liverpool has just won the battle with MU. Tevez stroke first in only 3 minutes into the game to take the lead. It was a very beautiful goal. A mistake by Van der Saar with Wes Brown caused the away team an own goal. It was 1-1 at half time. Liverpool added some OOMMPPHHH in the second half. Babel came in for Alberto Riera on the 72nd minute, and scored on the 78th. Having watched MU play for half of my life, I knew things will get pretty ugly after the second goal. True enough, Nemanja Vidic got a yellow card for a tackle on Robbie Keane. It should have been a red card, because it's a goal scoring opportunity for Keane. He got away. However, another rough challenge on Xabi Alonso caused him a second yellow.

In the end, it was 2-1. Liverpool top the group. Chelsea will play away at Man City later at night. We'll see wether Robinho made the right choice to move to City instead of Chelsea.

Sept 16 is coming

If what is claimed by Anwar that he will topple the current gov on Sept 16 is true, then it's going to be a bloody 9-16. May 13 (5-13) will repeat itself.

I urge all Chinese to stay united, no matter MCA or DAP supporters, because in a time of crisis now, where the Ismail is fxxking all Chinese in this country, UMNO is not taking any drastic action. So is PKR. So, do u still think Anwar is the saviour? He's a politician. A politician will always be a politician. All politicians are opportunists. In this chaos, Anwar chose to keep quiet, because if he makes noise, he will loose the Malay votes. In fact, I've been waiting for a few weeks already for Anwar to fight for equality, but what is promised by him will never happen.

My friends told me, "let's make a change, if he (Anwar) fails us in 5 years, we change again". How many 5 years do we have? I'm sure everyone agree with me that Anwar is a very very smart chap. Assuming he succeed in 9-16, and assuming that he fails in 5 years, do you think he will allow others to topple him then? There will be more than just ISA, OSA, blah....blah....blah.....

So my friends, wake up! If he is really fighting for equality, he would have stood up and spoken up for the Chinese since 2 weeks ago. Let's not talk about PAS, b'cos if you ask them, they will definitely agree with Ismail.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Loser of the Week - Chelsea

Robinho has moved to Manchester, it's Man City, not Man Utd. It's a record 32.5 million pounds for Man City. Robinho is an interesting player, but I doubt he will create an impact in the English Premier League.

After months of talks, Berba finally moves to Man Utd. They paid 30.75 million to Spurs. I bet all parties involved, Fergie, Berba and Spurs are happy that this transfer finally took place. Berba will definitely be a goal poacher because I believe he is very talented, skillful and sharp in front of goal.

The biggest loser of the week? Chelsea. They drew 1-1 with Spurs and failed to lure Robinho to London.