Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year

It's the year of the Ox. Will this year be bullish or bearish? It seems like the world economy is heading downwards, but there is still hope that the bull will fight it's way up again.

I'll be heading to KL today, instead of tomorow as planned, due to work commitment. After work, I'll do some light shopping. Tomorrow, I'll do more shopping, especially for groceries and food. You know, after my mom passed away, living in a house of 6 guys who depended so much on home cooked food is so taxing. Luckily I enjoy all the shopping, washing, cutting, slicing, steaming, frying and decorating....The end result, you get some delicious, saliva-dripping food on the table. It really satisfy me to see my XL size brothers gobble down every bit of these food.

I'll make this post short 'cos I gotta shower and leave for the airport.
To all who will be driving home, drive safe.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lunar Year End Dinner

Known as 'Sou Gong Jiu' in Mandarin. Also known as 'lunar year end dinner' for Chinaman companies.

Every year, be it good or bad, all Chinese around the world will have a reunion dinner with family members on the last day of the year. A week or two before the year ends, companies will have another dinner with staffs within the company and all business related friends. It is a symbol of togetherness and also a way for bosses to thank all staffs who have worked so hard all year round.

Since I'm in Langkawi and unable to attend my company's dinner, I've decided to organise a dinner here with my maincon and subcons. Altho' a small dinner, we were happily munching and drinking, and also recalling our earlier days of the project. I guess most of us were happy because in a day or two, we'll be back to celebrate CNY with our families.

Last year has been tough. With prices of petrol, steelbar and copper up and down, we, in the construction industry were badly affected. In the first half, many projects were put on hold due to the higher than expected prices of raw materials. In the second half raw materials were much cheaper (esp. after the Beijing Olympics) but buying power is low, not only that, the Gov. also has lesser money to spend. Many people got retrenched due to the economy crisis.

Nevertheless, life still goes on. If you have less, spend only on your needs. If you have more, be careful with your spending. It is going to be a very very quiet Chinese New Year. Other than meeting relatives and friends, I guess I'll just stay at home watching tv. One thing that amuses me is that, during CNY, you can just sit in front of the tv all day long and won't get bored.... of course with a can of Tiger in one hand, and a piece of 'bak kua' in the other hand la...

Ok, here are the pics I took during the dinner. I only managed to snap a few shots because those fellas were too hungry and too fast for my camera.

Yee Sang symbolizes abundance, prosperity and vigor. You can see that the raw salmon is sorrounded by veges.

The mixture of all the shredded ingredients are tossed in the air with chopsticks while saying auspicious wishes out loud for a prosperous new year and it's customary that the higher you toss, the greater your fortunes

Shark fin's soup

Pork symbolizes.....arr....I dunno. I just like to eat pork...hehehehe...

Double steamed garoupa

I'll be back in 2 days. This year, I'll be trying some the recipes I learned from cookbooks. Hopefully, those food turn out to be just as nice.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Courage

I used to have 2 piercings on my left ear until they closed up a couple of years ago. Never knew the reason why they closed up and never bother to find out. Frankly speaking, I do miss those days. Whenever I see my friends with ear rings, I'd just sigh, wishing I could have the same. It has been my job and my age that has stopped me from having those 2 holes in my ear again. It could also be the reason that I've lost some 'fire' in me.

However, I managed to find the extra courage from within me to get those piercings once again. It could be the Year of the Bull that makes me do it. What ever it is, I do feel energetic and happy again. I really hope this year will be a BULLISH YEAR. People say, life starts at 40. But for me, life starts at 30.


Chinese 'Niu Niu' Year...6 days and counting...

It was going to be a normal, boring Saturday night. So we decided to grill some chicken wings and sausages. At first, we estimated 10 heavyweights and 5 lightweights but in the end, there were only 7 of us. The Champion eater, Master Hung forgotten about this BBQ and had McD's before coming over. Nevertheless, it was a 'joyful' outing...

Peeps, I'm a Kop...but I can't deny that Man U shirt looks much nicer than Liverpool's

The lamb was wonderful

Chef at work

Oh My God!!! Who just said 'JOYFUL' bbq?

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all Chinese a very happy Chinese 'Niu Niu' Year. May this year brings you lots of luck and happiness.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

CNY mood

As I was sitting at the 3rd floor of one of the buildings at my site, I could feel the strong wind blowing from the sea. It's the time of the year again. Strong wind, bright sunlight and no rain. I remember when I was little, my mom used to tell me, when you feel this kind of wind, you know Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

Chinese New Year is indeed quite early this year. The X'mas and New Year mood has not gone away, so I'm still in a holiday mood right now. In less than 3 weeks, I'll be back in my hometown for our annual family reunion.

My retired aunt, as usual, has been busy with her cakes and cookies. She has got some cookies up for sale. I don't have the photos but if you are a cookie lover, you'll know the names. I'm not, so I don't know which is which. Haha. Anyway, you can see the photos here.

Well, 2008 has been a bad, bad year for the 'horses'. Hopefully 2009 will be a better year. With the economic situation as it is, I doubt it will.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Langkawi Open Singing Competition

We celebrated for a friend yesterday, for being able to get third placing in the Langkawi Open Singing Competition organised by the Hainanese Association of Langkawi.

He sang a song by Lee Sheng Jie, Yan Di Xing Kong in the final round and got into the top 4, where he sang another song by the same artist, Cha Jian Er Guo. Everyone was so mesmerized by his first song, as he was placed second in the scoreboard in the final rounds. However, luck wasn't on his side in the top 4 as he complained of gastric (alaa...lots of excuses la....). In the end, like the title of the song that he sang, it's a third placing for him....

It's really an achievement for him as this is his first trophy in singing. Master Hung, congratulations.... Keep up the good work, hopefully someone out there might see your talent and sign you up. But, HONESTLY....U GOTTA LOSE SOME WEIGHT FIRST!!! Haha.... ngek ngek ngek......

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Countdown to 2009 @ Pantai Chenang Langkawi

It's a simple countdown to 2009 for me this year.

We had our usual dinner at Palm View Seafood Restaurant, continued with 'some' beer, then to the beach for countdown. Here are some videos taken by my phone, altho of very low quality, but at least something to remember.

I'd also like to share some of my Christmas countdown photos. 6 of us, Chris, Janice, Jason, Elly, my wife May and me, went to Genting Highlands to chill out.

Thanks Bro Jason for the smooth ride and Bro Chris for the lovely pics. Boy, I think I'm gonna get a Sony Ericsson soon....

Today is 1st of Jan 2009

I was sleeping nicely when the screams of kids woke me up. "What the Fxxk", I thought to myself. It's a nice New Year, and I need a nice sleep. Peeping through the window, I saw some Indians and their kids, whom I guess are only about 4 or 5 years old. "If you can't fxxking swim, just leave the pool. This is not a public pool ok....If you wanna make noise, go to Sunway Lagoon".

Well, they spoilt my morning, and YES! They spoilt my first morning of the year. Fxxking inconsiderate piece of Shit!!! Out of the 9 months that I've been staying here, I honestly think that Indians and Malays who come here for vacation are very very inconsiderate. By 7.30am, they were already jumping and splashing in the pool. They don't swim! They behaved like monkeys, jumping into the water with all sorts of patterns. Then got out of it, and jumped again. It's not just 2 or 3 monkeys, but the whole big family, at least 10 of them. So, when 10 monkeys flock together, u know what kind of mess and noise they can create.

Sorry if you think that I'm offending some people here, but I only mean those who came and stayed at this condo who created so much noise in the morning. There are a bunch of angmohs who stays here, but they don't behave like us Asians, or I'd say Malaysians. What a shame!